Wellness Wednesday: Green Goddess Dressing

wellness wednesday: green goddess dressing

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I’m all about finding delicious ways to incorporate nutrient-dense vegetables into my meals and this Green Goddess Dressings makes it a cinch! When I first posted about this dressing on my IG stories I received quite a few requests for this recipe. Most of the time my recipes are developed out of the need to use up the ingredients in my fridge and are usually not exact because I don’t usually measure things as a I go but I’ve tried to be as precise as I can be for this Green Goddess Dressing recipe. In my opinion, herbs are highly underrated. They are not only great for boosting your meals with flavor but they are nutritional powerhouses packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds. People usually purchase a bunch of fresh cilantro, parsley, or dill to garnish their meals but are left with a hefty amount of herbs in their kitchen. These herbs don’t last long in the fridge so a great way to reduce food waste is to make a delicious salad dressing or dip that can go with a variety of different dishes.

Green Goddess Dressing

This herbaceous dressing can be used to enhance the flavor of salads, veggie dips, marinades or as a delicious base for a chilled pasta. The recipe makes a thicker salad dressing but if you prefer a runnier dressing you can add additional water or vegetable oil such as olive or avocado. I enjoy this Green Goddess Dressing in a large salad packed with mixed greens, shredded carrots, shredded cheese, and grilled chicken.

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