A.K. JULY 2017

"I was initially concerned with how to best train for triathlons while balancing the other things I had going on in my life. I wanted to make sure I wasn't sacrificing healthy eating and meal prep for training, and I wanted to avoid gaining weight (which I usually do while I'm training). Samina really dug into my specific daily habits to give tailored advice to me, and she gave suggestions on tweaks to make to my routine to set me up for success. I am actually a dietitian myself, but it can be really hard to practice what you preach, and Samina has been an invaluable accountability buddy. She helps me set realistic goals, and reminds me of evidence-backed solutions. I've tried to go it alone before and coach myself, but sometimes I can give drift away from good portion control, a balance between macronutrients, and making sure I am preparing a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy. Over the last 5 years, I have continuously improved my daily habits, both when I am training and when I'm not. I have cut back on eating out dramatically, and instead prioritize prepping meals ahead of time. Now I really enjoy the meals I do have out with friends and family. I also have slowly cut back on drinking sodas and processed sugar, and now I have them more as a treat than a daily routine. Samina makes it clear that there is a place for these foods in a healthy diet, but having them less often helps me get closer to my goals and makes me appreciate them more when I do decide I really want them. Samina is a real person. She understands that life is complicated, and that people are in different places when it comes to health and wellness. She would never recommend something that would be a complete 180 Degree change to someone's life. She focuses on small, sustainable changes that set her clients up for success, and guides her clients towards choosing their own goals over imposing unrealistic expectations on them. Working with Samina has helped me to save a lot of money. When I started working with her, I was going to coffee shops sometimes twice a day. I've since cut back on my 3 cup a day habit and make almost all of my coffees at home! I've also enjoyed talking to someone I can trust, who doesn't judge me. Samina doesn't just focus on women's health either-- I've learned a lot from her on personal finance, disease prevention, and functional medicine. I would absolutely recommend Samina to anyone interested in working with an RD. She puts the work in to give 100% to her clients, she will customize plans for you that mirror your exact goals, and she is a great listener. You should hire her. That is all."

M. H. June 2017

"I really love the not one-size-fits-all approach. We are all different and we all respond to different tunings. The holistic and personal approach is excellent."


"I have controlled my A1C... dropped my blood pressure and lost weight. Thank you Samina for all your guidance. It is very much appreciated."


"Samina has educated me on the scientific evidence of pre and post workout healthy nutrition which continues to further my knowledge to maximize my fitness goals."


"I was a bit skeptical at first, but knew that I wanted to make healthy changes in my life. Samina provided insight on ways specific to ME! She constantly provided recipes, suggestions and motivational goals tailored to my current level of activity. It made me feel "special" and has positively motivated me to not give up. To date, I have increased my physical activity and eat healthier, make better choices in shopping and helped my husband to eat better and walk! I have lost weight 8lbs slowly, so I know long term this weight will stay off."