It is never too late for your Wholesome Start!

MY Nutrition services are designed to help you:

  1. Prevent and/or manage chronic illnesses
  2. Manage your weight
  3. Ditch dieting and make peace with food
  4. Rebalance your digestive health
  5. Increase your energy
  6. Reclaim your health

Individual Services:

Initial Virtual Nutrition Consult - Getting to know you and your story

This 60-minute session will include a full nutrition assessment to evaluate your current health status. We will establish your health goals and set you up with a personalized holistic care plan including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep hygiene and other lifestyle factors to address root causes of your health concerns and help you feel your best. 

Follow-up Virtual Nutrition Counseling - Partnering together to achieve your health goals

This 45-minute follow-up session will allow us to discuss your progress towards your holistic care plan including nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle goals. We will work together to update your holistic care plan to sustainably achieve your best health.

Packages: Setting you up for success

Purchasing a package is the most effective option for long-term results. The accountability, consistent contact, and ongoing support will lead to successful behavior change and a wholesome lifestyle. Packages can be customized to meet your needs.

1-Month Coaching Package: This package provides you with 4 virtual nutrition counseling sessions. The first session is 45-minutes and the following three sessions are 30-minutes each. The 30-minute follow-up sessions help keep you accountable, assess your progress towards your wellness goals, and allow me to customize education material and your holistic care plan to meet your needs. In addition to these four sessions you will have access to the Healthie app for instant messaging, food journaling (upload pictures of food), goal tracking, labs/document uploads, accountability, and more! 

2-Month Coaching PackageIncludes the same services as the 1-month package. You'll get 8 virtual nutrition counseling sessions. The first session is 45-minutes and the following 7 sessions are 30-minutes each. 

3-Month Coaching Package: Includes the same services as the 1 and 2-month packages. You'll get 12 virtual nutrition counseling sessions. The first session is 45-minutes and the following 11 sessions are 30-minutes each.

1-Month VIP Concierge Package: Get access to a nutrition expert in the palm of your hands! This package is perfect for someone who already completed their nutrition counseling sessions and would still like help maintaining their healthy lifestyle or for someone who would benefit from a little extra guidance. You will have unlimited access to the Healthie platform and four 15-min counseling sessions to make sure you are on the right track. With the Healthie app you will get additional support and accountability as you work towards your nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle goals and have access to instant messaging, photo food journaling, goals tracking, intuitive eating support, and more!


GROUP SERVICES: The above packages can be tailored to meet your family or group's needs

Grocery Store Tour - Guiding you to the best food choices

In person grocery store tours may be booked for individuals or groups in the Houston-area. Virtual grocery store tours may be booked for individuals. Learn how to navigate each aisle and make grocery shopping a breeze with dietitian approved healthy alternatives, nutrition food label education, simple meal planning tips, and more.

Add-ons - Enhance your packages with the following add-ons

  1. Nourishing kitchen makeover
  2. Cooking demo
  3. Meal prep/planning ideas and recipes
  4. Grocery store tours
  5. Nutrition education series including but not limited to the following topics: vegan/vegetarian nutrition, food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities, family planning, pre and post workout nutrition, fad diets, intuitive eating, nutrition myth busting, etc.