It is never too late for your Wholesome Start!

MY Nutrition services are designed to help you:

  1. Prevent and/or manage chronic illnesses
  2. Ditch dieting and make peace with food
  3. Rebalance your digestive health
  4. Increase your energy
  5. Reclaim your health

Individual Services:

Initial Virtual Nutrition Consult - Getting to know you and your story

Follow-up Virtual Nutrition Counseling - Partnering together to achieve your health goals

Packages: Setting you up for success

Purchasing a package is the most effective option for long-term results. The accountability, consistent contact, and ongoing support will lead to successful behavior change and a wholesome lifestyle. Packages can be customized to meet your needs.

1-Month Coaching Package

2-Month Coaching Package

3-Month Coaching Package

1-Month VIP Concierge Package

1-Month Couples Coaching Package

GROUP SERVICES: The above packages can be tailored to meet your family or group's needs

Grocery Store Tour - Guiding you to the best food choices


Add Ons: Enhance your packages

  1. Nourishing kitchen makeover
  2. Cooking demo
  3. Meal prep/planning ideas and recipes
  4. Grocery store tours
  5. Nutrition education series including but not limited to the following topics: vegan/vegetarian nutrition, food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities, family planning, pre and post workout nutrition, fad diets, intuitive eating, nutrition myth busting, etc.