Veggie Stir-Fry Made With Wholesome Grocery Staples

Eating a wholesome balanced diet can be easy when you do a little prep work. This week's meal planning should be a breeze since I've provided you with my Grocery Shopping Staples List and delicious recipes you can make from the same list of groceries! Check out my last post for a tasty Quinoa Salad with Baked Chicken recipe that you'll want to make every week.

I just returned from a week long work trip and am craving some home-cooked meals packed with ALL THE VEGGIES! While traveling for work I always remember to keep balanced (carb +protein + fat) snacks to tied me over until my next meal but most of the meals I ate were low in colorful fruits and vegetables. Now that I am back home I can prepare meals to satisfy my craving for nutrient-rich goodness. This week I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to get an abundance of colorful veggies in my diet with a simple veggie stir-fry! If you're interested in eating a more plant-based diet, are vegetarian/vegan, or gluten-free this Veggie Stir-Fry is just for you. I've finally mastered how to make crispy tofu and you bet I'm sharing that with you as well! Crispy tofu makes for a great plant-based protein that goes with just about any meal.

Stir-Fry dishes are easy to make, take just minutes to prepare, and taste delicious. Check out the recipe below!

Veggie Stir Fry.png

Pro Tip: Try and make a meatless meal once a week to reduce your grocery bill and boost your diet with nutrients from plant-based protein. Also, remember to strain and rinse the water chestnuts or any canned food you purchase to reduce extra sodium in your diet. 

  Voila! Simple, delicious, and nutritious!

Voila! Simple, delicious, and nutritious!

I garnished my veggie stir-fry with sesame seeds and paired it with brown rice to make a balanced meal. If you're trying to provide your body with sustainable energy, try balancing your plate using the MyPlate method. The MyPlate method encourages you to fill half your plate with vegetables and/or fruit, a fourth of your plate with lean protein, and the last fourth of your plate with carbohydrates in addition to a source of dairy.

Let me know how your veggie stir-fry turned out by posting a picture of it in the comment section below! Be sure to use the hashtag #WholesomeStartRD so I can share your picture on my social media accounts and encourage others to fill their plates with a variety of colorful vegetables. 

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